Watch me suffer!

Follow my new blog as I try and win $500 by losing the most weight amongst my coworkers in 90 days. I’ll be posting work outs, inspirational stories, complaints, progress reports, and recipes. If you have ever struggled with your weight, confidence, exercise routine, etc, then you know exactly what I’ll be writing about. 

The 90 days starts on Friday, so right now I’m eating whatever the fuck I want in order to make my Starting Weight extra high. Strategy y’all. Let the party begin.



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"We often consider, in our culture, that constant joy is essential. I don’t know of any other culture so bent on pleasure. We are lost in the continual pursuit of pleasure, so much so that we forget there are other things. The minute we feel we are slightly unhappy, we drop a pill or drink some joy juice. Who wants to suffer? We’re a culture that abhors and fears suffering. Of course I would much rather teach and learn in joy. Joy is a great teacher. But so is despair. Wonder is a great teacher, but so is confusion! Hope is a great teacher, but so is disillusionment. And life is a great teacher, but so is death. To deny yourself any of those—any aspect—is not experiencing totally. I don’t know any other culture in the world where so many of us go through life without experiencing life. So many of us don’t even know what it is! We are protected from living. We don’t know the value of money, the value of things, the value of hunger. We don’t understand pain, and we don’t understand death."

Leo Buscaglia, Living, Loving, and Learning.

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